Section No. 1

What is HoneyComb?

Honeycomb electronic blocks is a set of new type teaching aids for K12 STEAM education, its purpose is to let people with no engineering background build cool electronic interactive works quickly. Simply by connecting input and output blocks, users can play in various ways. Learning away from the screen, returning to physical logic. People will be more creative. We firmly believe that everyone is a creator, you just in lack of a set of right tools.

Section No. 2

Time axis

Hexagon design / Unlimited plane expansion Unique 1-in-3-out interface design, the uniqueness and accurate transmission of signal guaranteed. (Note: Some blocks may use 1-in-1-out interface design.)

Robi Wang
Cheif Mechanical Designer
Kent Cheong
As the CEO and Founder of HoneyComb, Robi has devoted his passion into open source hardware industry for decades. His professional expertise, specifically in designing 3D printers, has unlocked his potential to explore more in the field as well as expand his horizon. Shifting his focus from 3D printers and UAV to education, he aims to carry the mission as one of the leading STEAM education facilitators by bringing his electric blocks to the world since 2016.
As the Chief Mechanical Designer, Kent is well experienced in fine production and high efficient supply chain management. His competency as a professional manager allows him to accurately control and predict the strategic planning for the product development of HoneyComb. Having over 15 years’ experience specifically in management, Kent is able to navigate the processes from vital aspects including cost, product quality, and efficiency, as well as ensure the smooth production of HoneyComb Kits.

Reddot award 2017 winner

On 10th August 2017, HoenyComb Music Kit won the world’s top design award —— Results of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017.

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