Music Kit-The world is your musical instrument


16 Timber



Universal instrument

The use of music kits

You can practically turn any conductive objects into musical instruments, so you or your children can go and explore the life, and discover that everything is musical.

※ 16 musical instruments available (including strings and percussions)

※ Variety of conductive triggers, human body, copper foil, plastic mud, and             more, touch or even proximity sensing

※ DIY speaker and external speakers supported

※ Leap motion,max height 5cm

※ External speaker supported, power unlimited

※ MP3 play, open to customization

3 Color categories

The easiest connection is input and output to work as cause and effect, or technically condition and outcome. We encourage a simple logic, so you can quickly complete your idea, without having to consider unlimited splicing and coding.




Everything can make a sound

Look for conductive substances in your life
so that they can send music through the honeycomb blocks
The principle of honeycomb electronic building blocks
is to transfer electric current with conductive material to form loop.

Sound Output

You can connect your big stereo

Sound output and amplification, connect to speakers or stereo.

Packing list