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Music Kit

HoneyComb Music Kit is one of the core products focusing on developing logical and creative thinking especially for children age 5 and up. Using Music Kit, your kids can learn turning any electric conductors into virtual musical instruments instantly. With its unique design, kids are encouraged to explore life in new musical ways. With a total of 16 musical instruments available, you can start using these building blocks following the connection order from Input-Logic-Output to create a variety of music. Simply put, the Music Kit allows any conductive object in your life to be used to create new sounds and music. For instance, you can use bananas, copper sheets, and anything you can think of outside the box to make your own symphony!


Include: 4✖️Blocks and unique wooden package


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Basic Kit

HoneyComb Basic Kit enables kids to navigate through simple processes to facilitate fast learning and understanding in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education. Through the combination of groundbreaking tools including sound, light, and electricity, kids will quickly build cool personal projects; for instance, a solar powered alarm clock or an automatic bubble machine. Benchmarking the three classic color categories with the function of input, logic, and output to achieve the easiest connection, the series in Basic Kit also allows children to enjoy unlimited imagination through DIY processes. With more than four types of series, your children will have the opportunity to create a luminous paper lantern, make image rotation projects, and many other options to unlock their creative logic potentials!


Include: 8✖️Blocks & Material Package

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Queen Kit

Queen kit is an easy-to-use blockly programming platform makes it possible for kids to control all the HoneyComb blocks. Unlike the other two products under HoneyComb, Queen Kit is more like a starter coding system, mainly designed for budding innovators age 12 and up, with a playful programming language that you can touch easily. No screen. No soldering. No electronics knowledge needed. With easy steps, kids will enjoy the building and coding processes at the same time. The navigation bar features six functions that allow users to quickly adjust the mode and maneuver smoothly to make all of your HoneyComb devices connective. Simplicity and technology, together.


Include: 7 ✖️Blocks & Material Package

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